Project for Match People Srl

Multi-channel Head Hunter Campaigns


Case Study

Match People, a leading company in the field of headhunting, approached us with the goal of increasing its visibility and attracting qualified senior candidates. The key objective was to establish itself as a reference for high-level professional opportunities.

Landing Page

To ensure a targeted approach, we developed dedicated landing pages as the destination for specific advertisements. Each page was designed to capture attention and provide clear details about open positions, encouraging candidates to explore career opportunities with Match People.

Google Ads Campaigns

We implemented a holistic approach with Google Ads campaigns, adopting various targeted strategies.

Search campaigns were designed to capture candidates actively searching, providing immediate access to Match People's open positions.

Simultaneously, display campaigns visually conveyed the brand, creating an immediate and recognizable impact. 

Performance Max Campaign came into play to optimize visibility, ensuring that ads were present at crucial moments.

To further expand reach, we implemented campaigns on YouTube, using video sequences that included both skippable and non-skippable ads, along with short bumper videos to reinforce brand memorability.

This variety of video formats, produced in collaboration with Alice Gaglianò for the video portion and Anna Barabino for voiceover, allowed for a dynamic and engaging presence on one of the world's most important platforms, contributing to enhancing brand awareness and interaction with the target audience.


To increase brand awareness, we launched campaigns on Spotify. Leveraging the power of audio, we reached a broad audience, positioning Match People as a prominent option for professionals seeking new challenges.


To maintain constant contact with our audience, we implemented a regular newsletter strategy. These periodic communications informed recipients about new job openings, keeping interest and active participation from users seeking high-level career opportunities.

Thanks to this integrated approach, Match People achieved a significant increase in brand awareness, attracted numerous qualified senior candidates, and solidified its position as a leader in the headhunting industry.

Services Offered to the Client

Multichannel Advertising Strategy

Landing Page Creation

Google Ads Campaigns

Display, YouTube Graphics